3 Games/Ice-breakers That Need Nothing (Or Almost Nothing) To Conduct

4 April 2019

Many times we are in need of games and icebreakers – in classrooms, in training sessions, when our group of friends has nothing to do and is bored of gossip, when breaking ice in Antarctica (ok, cancel the last one).

What if we need one on the spur of the moment? When we cannot possibly manage stuff that goes into successfully conducting many of them?

So here is a list of 3 ice-breakers that need nothing from your side (or almost nothing - stuff that you can manage 99% of the time) except your brains and your enthusiasm (and of course, the consent of your participants or friends) J

  • Name: Resist a smile if you can!

Materials Required: None

Objective: Obvious. To find out who in your group can hold back their laughter for the most amount of time

How To Do It: Make everyone sit in a circle. Choose one person to be ‘The One’. The chosen person then selects someone else in the circle, kneels down in front of them so they are face to face, and says, ‘if you think I am nuts, don’t smile!”, in as theatrical a way as possible.

Then the other person says, “yeah, you are totally nuts, but I can’t help smile!”. And if he or she laughs or even smiles, he or she must become ‘The One’.

The ice-breaker can go on till everyone has become ‘The One’ once, or even forever if becoming ‘The One’ is not enough for your group members.

  • The King/Queen of Liars

Materials Required: Almost none… only something to write on. Pen/a small piece of paper or your cellphone.

Objective: A mind-game like poker. Tests the participant’s ability to guess other’s psychological states. (And their own ability to fib creatively)

How To Do It: Simple. Make each group member write three things about himself or herself. Two of them should be true and one should be false. Other participants have to guess which of the statements are true and which one is false. A final decision needs to be made before the decision is declared.

The participants whose lie is guessed leave the game while the remaining participants continue the game till only one person is left (or maybe no one). If someone is left at the end, he or she is crowned ‘The King/Queen of Liars.

The game works best if the group members don’t know each other.

  • Trust Is Must

Materials Required: Only something high enough e.g. table/chair to fall from

Objective: To develop trust in participants towards their group members

How To Do It: Make all participants group around the chair/table. Then the participants are chosen one by one to climb the chair/table, close their eyes and fall backwards towards their group members. The group members have to catch them when they fall.

This works best if the group strength is greater than five as four members are at least needed to catch their friend properly when he/she falls. Also, make sure the participants are alert all the time even if jokes and laughter abound.

That’s all for now. If you are one of those who need games or ice-breakers from time to time, try one of these with zero hassles.