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About Me

Abhimanyu Jha has close to 13 years of experience in startups, digital marketing and branding, and product development including 11 years entrepreneurial experience as Co-founder/CMO of three startups in branding, e-learning/hiring and fintech domains. Along with hands on experience in branding, digital marketing, e-learning, hiring, and payments, he is also the author of two novels including a bestseller that has sold more than 35k copies till date. He was chosen among the 100 most influential marketing leaders in Asia in the year 2016 by World Marketing Congress. He has a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.


6 TRUTHS & 2 LIES (Which is Which ?)

  • I am the co-founder of a fintech company called SabPaisa
  • I have been chosen as amongst most influential marketing leaders of Asia by World Marketing Congress
  • I am a bestselling author of a romantic thriller
  • I am the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey and I wrote the book from my personal experience
  • I write songs that some say have beautiful lyrics
  • Jennifer Aniston awarded me with her own hands an Oscar for best actor of the year and then we went for a wild night out
  • I cook one particular recipe of chicken well enough to have people lickin their hands
  • I sometime lie for fun when it doesn't hurt anyone
  • I am unfunny to people who don't get literary references; as for you, Godot knows :)

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